Thank you for stopping by. Here you may find a little bit about me like publications, presentations, etc. I am a Senior Data Scientist at Biogen and a mathematician by training. Last summer I worked as an intern for RStudio ッ, with Max Kuhn as my mentor, developing the applicable modeling R package. I enjoy the pure flavor of researching mixed with the applied nature of developing applications.


GitHub Projects

Work Experience

Senior Data Scientist ⋯ 2019 Research and Development, Biogen Inc., Cambridge, MA (Current)
Lead analytical programming activities pertaining to biomarker data, clinical data, genomic data and other types of data analysis outside the typical analysis required for a clinical study report. Produce statistical specifications including but not limited to: analysis datasets, simulations, statistical modeling, integration of biomarker analyses with interpretation, and contribution to abstracts and papers. Develop/maintain analytical Clinical Selection tools involving shiny and/or other Statistical Methods in support of enrollment into Clinical Trials of Neurological Diseases. In particular, develop an interactive statistical tool using shiny to further the SPARK clinical research study that investigates the effectiveness of BIIB054, a potential drug to treat Parkinson’s disease.

RStudio Internship ⋯ Summer 2019 RStudio, Boston, MA
Project: Develop a modeling package (applicable) in R to demonstrate different methods to measure how much a new data point is an extrapolation from the original data. This project will build on applicability domain methods from computational chemistry to create functions that can be included in a dplyr pipeline to perform statistical checks on data in production; Mentor: Max Kuhn (RStudio Summer Interns).

Application Software Developer Analyst ⋯ 2017-2019 University of Florida, CTSI, FL
Work as part of a research support unit specializing in the science of information, in particular, supporting research at all stages with services such as data cleaning, collection, and analysis using R; software (modules) extensions for REDCap using PHP/Python/Javascript; software deployment and maintenance for WebCAMP; local software testing using Vagrant/Docker; Linux servers maintenance (CTSIT homepage).

Adjunct Assistant Professor ⋯ 2016 Santa Fe College, FL
Set academic goals and prepared the coursework (Tests, Assignments, and Lectures). Assessed the relevance and impact of various lessons; revised and improved lesson formats. Acted as an advisor and counselor to students.

Researcher ⋯ 2013 & 2015 University of Hawai’i at Hilo, HI
Conducted research in factorization theory as an undergraduate student and returned to the program two years later to guide/instruct a team of undergraduate students throughout the research process. Presented the findings of these two summers at the Joint Mathematics Meetings of January 2014 and 2016.

Teaching Assistant, Calculus ⋯ 2014-2015 University of Florida, FL
Designed and implemented lesson plans. Tutored and assisted students with assignments and concepts.

Software Engineer ⋯ 2014 Ultimate Software, FL
Developed comprehensive suites for automation test plans and added test cases to existing testing framework (Echo, a Selenium-based testing framework). Ensured traceability and automation in managing application releases between Non-Production and Production environments. Identified and removed application risks; maintained C# programs and databases. Cultivated the set of principles native to Agile development and tracked customers cases using the Salesforce enterprise.


Conference:   International Conference on Mathematics and Statistics - 2020
Location:   American University of Sharjah, Sharjah, UAE
Presenting:   "When is a Puiseux Monoid Atomic?" (link)

Colloquium:   Department of Mathematics and Statistics Colloquium - 2019
Location:   Sam Houston State University, Huntsville, TX
Presenting:   "Applicability Domain Methods"

Research Retreat:   NSF-AGEP Research Exchange Retreat - 2019
Location:   Stanford University, Stanford, CA
Presenting:   "Applicability Domain in Data Science" (link)

Conference:   R/Pharma - 2019
Location:   Harvard University, Cambridge, MA
Presenting:   "This one is not like the others: Applicability Domain methods" (link)

Conference:   AMS Joint Central and Western Sectional Meeting: "Factorization and arithmetic properties of integral domains and monoids" - 2019
Location:   University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI
Presenting:   "Cyclic rational semirings"

Conference:   Florida Women in Mathematics Day (FWIMD) - 2019
Location:   Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL
Presenting:   "How do elements really factor in $\mathbb{Z}[\sqrt{-5}]$?"

Conference:   Joint Mathematics Meetings - 2019
Location:   Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
Presenting:   "The elasticity and union of sets of lengths of Puiseux monoids"

Conference:   INdAM meeting: International meeting on numerical semigroups - 2018
Location:   Cortona, Italy
Presenting:   "On the Molecules of Puiseux Monoids"

Conference:   Infinite Possibilities Conference - 2018
Location:   Howard University, Washington, DC
Presenting:   "On the Atomicity of Monotone Puiseux Monoids"

Meeting:   Master's Thesis - 2016
Location:   University of Florida, Gainesville, FL
Presenting:   Presented my thesis to a mathematics graduate committee as part of the final stages of my master’s degree.

Conference:   Joint Mathematics Meetings - 2016
Location:   Washington State Convention Center, Seattle, WA
Presenting:   "On the Catenary Degree of Numerical Monoids Generated by a Generalized Arithmetic Sequence"

Symposium:   PURE Math Symposium - 2015
Location:   University of Hawai'i at Hilo, Hilo, HI
Presenting:   "On the Catenary Degrees of Numerical Monoids Generated by Generalized Arithmetic Sequences"

Conference:   Joint Mathematics Meetings - 2014
Location:   Baltimore Convention Center, Baltimore, MD
Presenting:   "On the Catenary Degrees of Numerical Monoids Generated by Generalized Arithmetic Sequences"

Symposium:   PURE Math Symposium - 2013
Location:   University of Hawai'i at Hilo, Hilo, HI
Presenting:   "The Catenary Degree of Elements in Numerical Monoids"

Festival:   Research in Undergraduate Education - 2012
Location:   Santa Fe College, Gainesville, FL
Presenting:   "Special vs. General Theory of Relativity"


1. The catenary and tame degrees on a numerical monoid are eventually periodic with S. T. Chapman, A. Miller, C. Miller, and D. Patel, Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society, 97(3), 289-300, 2014, doi:10.1017/S1446788714000330

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9. A survey on the atomicity of Puiseux monoids with S. T. Chapman and F. Gotti (under preparation)

10. Three families of dense Puiseux monoids with F. Gotti and H. Polo, arXiv:1701.00058 (under preparation)

11. Introduction to Factorization Theory with S. T. Chapman and F. Gotti (book under preparation)


Student Assistant - Spring 2012
MAS2202 - Intro. to Number Theory
Santa Fe College, FL

Teaching Assistant - Fall 2014
MAC2311 - Calculus
University of Florida, FL

Teaching Assistant - Spring 2015
MAC2311 - Calculus
University of Florida, FL

Adjunct Assist. Prof. - Summer 2016
MAC1105 - College Algebra
Santa Fe College, FL